Air freight that meets every requirement

Air freight requires that you comply with all (strict) safety requirements and international legislation. No problem. All our specialists (in Rotterdam and Moscow) meet all requirements and we continuously update our expertise.

Short lines of communication with air freight companies

We have short lines of communication with an extensive network of airlines. This not only saves a lot of time, but it also reduces unnecessary costs for intermediaries.

Air freight transport without wasting time

EWF arranges everything, including the handling of formalities, documents, customs and insurance. Moreover, we will assist you with your pre-transport and/or post-transport by road. This way you can rest assured that delivery will be done correctly and on time. No waste and ... satisfied customers! 

Air freight services

EWF provides the following types of air freight transport, among other things:  

  • import and export 
  • customs clearance 
  • purchase and sale of cargo space 
  • preparation and legalisation of documents, forms, and bills of lading 
  • handling of L/C  
  • track & trace of the shipment 


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