International road transport

Great service and carefree handling is all about good communication. Communication with you (your company), with the drivers in our regular fleet of charters and of course between our offices in Rotterdam and Moscow. Whatever we are transporting for you, large or small, dedicated, FTL or groupage, everything is carried out under strict rules and according to the very latest customs requirements. We monitor and oversee the transport 24/7. Our regular charters are protected by security codes and are obviously trackable and traceable. Our customers don't have to worry about a thing, they know that everything will be all right. And that is exactly what we are 100% committed to, each and every day.

Destinations road transport

Frequently requested destinations with (international) road transport include:

x  Russia

x  Lithuania

x  Kazakhstan

x  Belarus

x  Estonia

x  Latvia

x  Kirghizstan

x  Georgia

x  Armenia

x  Uzbekistan

x  Azerbaijan

x  Ukraine

x  Moldavia

x  Poland

x  Hungary

x  Bulgaria

x  Czech Republic

x  Slovakia

x  Romania

x  Slovenia

x  Bosnia and Herzegovina

x  Macedonia

x  Croatia

x  Serbia

x  Albania

x  Greece

x  Turkey

x  Turkmenistan

x  Iraq

x  Iran


x  Spain

x  Portugal

x  Belgium

x  Germany

x  Italy



x  Sweden

x  Finland

x  Norway

x  Denmark


International road transport in combination with air or sea freight

Thanks to our international network, we can provide road transport in combination with air or sea freight. Would you like to know more? Please feel free to contact us or request a quotation.

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